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CAD CAM Dental Milling - Equipment


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Dentrex Digital offers proven technology and highly affordable Dental milling machines, Dental Scanners and Dental Sintering furnaces. The desktop Uno.5 and large Floor model 10.5 CNC milling machines are wet and dry 5 axis with automatic tool changing. The ReVeng scanner and Medit Dental scanner are open architecture for 3D scanning of both impressions and gypsum models with high speed capability and accuracy powered by EXOCAD software. The DC100 Sintering furnace is fully programmable and incorporates an industrial grade MoSi2 heating element and platinum – rhodium thermocouple. CAD CAM dentistry uses technology to provide a range of dental restorations including zirconia crowns, full contour zirconia crowns, frameworks, veneers, zirconia or titanium implant abutments, bars, models & wax ups.

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