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Gold Coins - Bullion - Dental Scrap - Dental Lab Refining



Gold coins make a great investment.  We offer the finest selection of coins and bullion to meet all your needs, and our prices are extremely competitive.  Now is the time to buy!  Call today and we can help you with your order 800 255 5524

Credit Suisse Gold Bullion - 1 Troy ounce

American Eagle Gold Coins- 1 Troy ounce 31.1035 grams

Gold Buffalo - 1 Troy ounce 31.1035 grams

Australian Nugget/Kangaroo - 1 Troy ounce

Krugerrand Gold - 1 Troy ounce

Canadian Gold Maple Leaf


Serving the Dental industry for over 25 years.  Refining dental scrap is a process that
requires trust.  Dentrex has built its reputation on honesty and integrity.  Superior
metallurgical knowledge and state-of-the-art technology guarantees the best results.  We
employ the most dependable techniques to process your scrap and ensure the highest return to you.  Call for pick up 800 255 5524
All information is disclosed on an easy-to-read statement.  We have no hidden charges,
complete open communication, and will call our customer to discuss results of the assay. 
Flexible payment options include check, credit to account, gold silver or platinum
bullion, or new alloy.

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