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Laser Safety Glasses & Magnifying Eyewear


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Please check your laser machine manual for the correct Laser Safety requirements

These laser safety glasses offer a number of protective options for your specific equipment. You are sure to find what you need here, These include:

- polycarbonate lenses - durable, lightweight, economical polycarbonate lenses, excellent laser protection;

- glass lenses - offer maximum protection for the widest range of wavelengths,  most durable, best optical quality,;

- dielectric coating - maximum protection against certain wavelengths, scratch and flake resistant, with excellent optical quality;

- magnifying laser protection - lana loupes, other magnifying loupes to be worn OVER prescription glasses, safety glasses or laser safety glasses.

Radiation Protection Eyewear

- Fit Over Radiation protection eyewear can be worn over your prescription glasses

- Wrap around frame  Radiation protection eyewear

- Goggles Radiation protection eyewear

*Allow 2-3 weeks for Laser products

**Special orders, not returnable

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