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Dental Porcelain VISION ESTHETIC II low fusing & pressable


Vision Esthetic II from Wohlwend AG is a dual low fusing dental ceramic made for both pressable and PFM crown and bridge restorations. This dental porcelain system is easy to handle and has the approximate hardness of natural enamel for ideal occlusal comfort. Production processes are similar to those of Vision Classic, thus providing the same advantages in shade accuracy and handling. The dental porcelain is an ideal match to VISION USA's Esthetic Yellow-LF noble alloy, which offers a warm yellow color, no black lines and is more economical that semi-precious dental alloy.

Vision Esthetic II is compatible with PFM alloys CTE range 15.9 to 16.7. The product also offers a selection of pressable dental ceramic ingots for build up and staining techniques, with opaque ranging from 25% to 85%. 

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