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Vision Logo
00-Vision logo
Vision USA, A Dentrex Company Logo
00A-Vision USA, A Dentrex Company logo
Dentrex Technologies logo
00B-Dentrex Technologies Logo
Solera Logo
37-Solera Logo

Blue Raised Bar Magnifier
Bright Star LED headset with clip on LED system
Clear Vision Optical Cleaner
Clip Magnifier CMG Full Lens CMB Bifocal
Clip mounted single loupe
Disposable loupe sweatbands
single eye clip-on loupe
Hand stand magnifiers-LED and incandescent
I-wear premium clip-on
magna frame clip on kit with 3 lenses
Mega screen with stand
Megaview loupe system
10x pocket magnifier
prescription insert snap-in safety glasses
Single 8.0x mounted cup
Fancy chain 5x magnifier
Single flat eye clip on
19-Single Flat Eye Clip On
Sport safety/Bifocal Safety glasses system
Sport bifocal clear safety glasses
20a-Sport Bifocal Clear Safety Glasses  

20b-Sport Bifocal Orange Curing Safety Glasses

Sport bifocal green casting safety glasses
20c-Sport Bifocal Green Casting Safety Glasses  
Sport expo alloy frame safety glasses
20d-Sport Expo Alloy Frame Safety Glasses  
Task Vision 2.5x loupe
Task Vision Exam Lamp mag
Wizard bifocal glasses
Wizard safety glasses
X-Ray Desk 2.0x magnifier
26-X-Ray Desk 2.0 X Magnifier
Zoomster Multi Magnifier
Laser Safety Glasses
68b-Laser Safety Glasses  
Lana Loupe Full Frame
70a-Lana Loupe Fit Over Frame  
70b-Lana Loupe Full Frame  
Lana Loupe Clip-on
70c-Lana Loupe Clip-on  
Lana Loupes
70-Lana Loupe Group Pic  
Travel optical case
71-Travel Optical Case  
The Communicator- Digital Camera-Microscope
73a-The Communicator - Digital Camera/Microscope  
The Communicator- Digital Camera-Microscope laptop image
73b-The Communicator - Digital Camera/Microscope (laptop image)  
Byron Lamp, magnifier and safety shield group picture
74 - Bryon Lamp, Magnifier & Safety Shield Group Pic
Byron Safety Shield
74a-Bryon Safety Shield
Byron Handsfree Magnifier
74b-Bryon Handsfree Magnifier
Byron Lamp and lamp with magnifier
74c-Bryon Lamp & Lamp w/Magnifier

Advance Air Margin Handpiece
28-Advance Air Margin Handpiece
Die Agra Die Spacer-sealer-hardner
30-Die Agra Die Spacer-sealer hardner
Glacier blast

31- Glacier Blast

Purge All- Purge All Plus
Purge ZR
Super Star Burs
33-Super Star Burs
Super Star Polishing Paste
Vision Sable Brushes
35-Vision Sable Brushes
Vision Ceramic Crocodile reservoir
Fiber Gone large
52-Fiber Gone Large
Fiber Gone Medium
53-Fiber Gone Medium
Fiber Gone Small
54-Fiber Gone Small
Fiber Gone Combined Picture
54a-Fiber Gone Combined Picture
Stain Super Star Porcelain Humidors
55-Stain Super Star Porcelain Humidors
Large- 36 Round Wells Large 5"x7"
Build-Up Super Start Porcelain Humidors
56-Build-up Super Star Porcelain Humidors
12 Sloped Rectangles Large 5"x7"
Opaque Super Star Porcelain Humidors
57-Opaque Super Star Porcelain Humidors
18 Oval Wells Large 5"x7"
Build-up Super Star Porcelain Humidors
58-Build-up Super Star Porcelain Humidors
5 Sloped Rectangles & 5 Round Wells Large 5"x7"
Glaze Super Star Porcelain Humidors
59-Glaze Super Star Porcelain Humidors
33 Small Wells & 3 Large Wells Large 5"x7"
Opaque Super Star Porcelain Humidors
60-Opaque Super Star Porcelain Humidors
15 Oval Wells Large 5"x7"
Stain Super Star Porcelain Humidors
61-Stain Super Star Porcelain Humidors
23 Round Wells Small 4"x6"
Build Up Super Star Porcelain Humidors
62-Build-up Super Star Porcelain Humidors
12 Round Wells Small 4"x6"
Super Star Porcelain Humidors Group
62a-Super Star Porcelain Humidors Group Picture
1 - 10cc Syringes
Die-Agra Refactory Hardener
65-Die-Agra Refractory Hardener  
Enzo Articulator
66-ENZO Articulator  
EZ Check Paste
67-EZ Check Paste  
Porcelain Mix
69-Porcelain Mix  

Solera Group
Vision Esthetic
38a-Vision Esthetic
Vision Low
38b-Vision Low
Vision Zirkon
38d-Vision Zirkon
Vision Classic
38e-Vision Classic
Solera Spray Station
46-Solera Spray Station
Solera Spray Can Glaze
47-Solera Spray Can GLAZE
Solera Spray Cans
48-Solera Spray Cans
Neon Flourescent Porcelain
48a-Neon Flourescent Porcelain Spray
PFM Spray Can White
49-PFM Spray Can White

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