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Prodigy Voice - Talking Accessible Blood Glucose Monitor


Prodigy Voice - Talking Accessible Blood Glucose Monitor
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Name: Prodigy Voice - Talking Accessible Blood Glucose Monitor
SKU: 235740
Price: $76.95



AFB's publication AccessWorld evaluated this monitor and determined that it is "fully accessible..with speech output supporting the process the entire way and speaking your test results." The Prodigy Voice has totally audible step-by-step instructions, accurate blood glucose test results and a memory that stores 450 test results and gives averages of 7, 14, 21, 28, 60 and 90 days. No coding is required. Simply insert the test strip into the easy to locate port and the voice automatically turns on. Its tactile features allow the user to feel and locate the different buttons and best of all, it has a "repeat button" that repeats the last message or test results. A 0.6 micro liter of blood can be obtained from fingers or alternate sites. Uses 2 "AAA" batteries. Speaks in English only. Kit includes one meter, 10 test strips, lancing device, 10 lancets, control solution, carry case, manual and batteries.

Item #235740

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