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Fiber Gone Non Stick Porcelain Firing Tray


Fiber Gone Non Stick Porcelain Firing Tray
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Name: Fiber Gone Non Stick Porcelain Firing Tray
SKU: FG25, FG30, FG20
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The Perfect Non-Stick Tray Liner

  • No More Pins or Pegs
  • No More Fiber Sticking to Porcelain or Metal
  • No More Having to Rubber Wheel Margins
  • Will Last for Multiple Firings
Item # Size Amount
FG20 2" 3/Pk
FG25 2.5" 3/Pk
FG30 3"


FIber Gone is a non stick, fiber free tray liner that can be used with any type firing tray or can be used without a tray. This product is used for all dental porcelain or PFM's crowns, dental veneers, dental laminates or dental bridges without pins or pegs.  Fiber Gone can be cut to size and is shock and chemical resistant to keep your dental porcelain free of discoloration. The nonstick firing trays will work with all dental ceramics including high fusing, low fusing, pressable porcelain and zirconia dental porcelain.


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