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Vision Zirkon Coloring Liquid - Dental Zirconia Porcelain


Vision Coloring Liquid is part of the Vision Zirkon Dental Porcelain all ceramic system for Zirconia. 

 The fluid is used to colour the ready-milled and refinished zirconia framework before sintering. The colouring is done by the immersion of the work in the fluid. In doing so the liquid infiltrates the zirconium. The painting with a brush is also possible. The immersion time of 2 minutes does not affect the zirconium in its physical properties and produces a homogeneous colour. The dye is finally burned during the sintering. There are 6 Vision-Colouring fluides available to cover the entire colour spectrum of the Vita-scale.


Vision Zirkon Zirconia Coloring Liquid
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Vision Zirkon Zirconia Coloring Liquid - view details
SKU: 2830, 2832, 2834, 2836, 2838, 2840
Price: $100.70

Option: Vision Zirkon Coloring Liquid:

Vision Zirconia Dipping Jar
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Vision Zirconia Dipping Jar - view details
SKU: 186896000147
Price: $5.95


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